Turning ideas into stimulating events
From discussion to disruption
From art to commerce
From design to dais
From evite to event
From concept to convention
From layout to launch
We are an events design and production company in NYC. We work with communications and events professionals to ensure that when your message needs a live event to be heard, it goes from planning to podium; from evite to experience; from brand new idea to brand immersion; so that every audience touchpoint communicates what you need to say. Look and feel, technology, social interaction, media, food, logistics… If it is part of an event, we  make sure it is part of your message.
From brainstorm to brand immersion
From strategy to tactic
From goal to gala
From idea to implementation
From visualization to venue
From draft to detail
Does your vision encompass an audience sitting in beach chairs, on real grass, in the middle of a hotel ballroom? Or can you see brand imagery projected 360 degrees around your attendees? Or maybe you want to have a meeting in an historic Hollywood studio and place your presenters in an old fashion musical? Regardless of the challenge,  Caffeine Media will bring your ideas from brainstorm to ballroom. Scripting, staging, scenic, speeches, slides, video, live talent… if it touches a meeting, we've done it countless times and can do it for you too.
From blueprint to ballroom
From focus group to fire marshall
We have developed concepts that involve virtual sales reps who guide visitors through 10 separate areas, a full sized house that shows videos through it's windows, an interactive art gallery, a burned bra, and countless other caffeinated ideas. The exhibits we have designed, implemented and managed have been full retail spaces, traditional trade show booths, VIP spaces, and simple product vignettes. Small medium or large, we go from imagination to in-line, island, and beyond.
From collaboration to celebration
What are you celebrating? A new product? Your top performers? A worthy cause? Special occasions can be the most fun to produce because they often originate in the most creative parts of our clients’ imaginations. Caffeine Media specializes in taking those ideas from the back of the napkin to the front of the house. You might want your audience under the stars, watching models on a lit catwalk, or you might want to entertain them with A-list talent or custom comedy. Whatever it is, for excitement, just add caffeine.
When you are trying to get your brand message mentioned in the media, you have to stand out from the crowd. That's why we have been chosen by dozens of PR agencies to produce countless press events for hundreds of brands. We turn your key message into events that  resonate with the media, make a great impression, and drive viewer impressions. We understand how agencies work with their clients, and we understand how to work with allocated budgets to create environments, media pieces, and stunts that can give you a buzz.
From brainstorm to brand ambassador
From concept to crowds
Probably the most creative ideas we are involved with are related to  consumer events. It might be an obstacle course for brides, it might be a flash mob of Bollywood dancers, it might be surfing competitions in Times Square. You are trying to get your brand seen, and we can take your event from initial concept to socially engaged crowds.
Because successful events involve so many different elements, we have become expert in the production and design of all types of media. Presentations and video of course, but also, training materials, marketing communications, website design, print materials, multi-projection, sound design, music, and interactive media. In fact our business has evolved so that some of our clients hire us for media production alone. When you call yourself Caffeine Media, we guess that makes sense.
From preparation to presentation
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